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The Discovery of Uranus

from The History Guy : History Deserves to be Remembered

Celestial globe with clockwork made from silver, brass, and steel, made by Gerhard Emmoser for Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, Austrian, Vienna, 1579.

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“Physica Sacra,” a book of scientific evidence and theories in support of the Old Testament by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer with copper-plate engravings by several artists, 1731.


Psychedelic moon maps from the 1970s. (Via Atlas Obscura)

Curiosities of America’s First Planetarium

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?   Happy Eclipse Day America!  ?

Viewers of a solar eclipse in Paris, France, April 17, 1912.

(Via the Bibliothèque nationale de France)

Photographs of a solar eclipse taken at Yerkes Observaory in Matheson, Colorado, June 8, 1918.

The eclipse is coming!!

Images from “Eclipses luminarium” by Cyprian Leowitz, 1554. 

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