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Decanter (1901). Silver and glass.

Designed by Charles Robert Ashbee (English, 1863-1942).

Silver made by the Guild of Handicraft Ltd.
Glass made by James Powell and Sons, Whitefriars Glassworks.

Image and text information courtesy Art Institute Chicago.

Art Nouveau greeting card made by Raphael Tuck & Son’s, ca 1902.

Vase by Julius Maess, c. 1900.

Double-leaf folding fan with hand-painted cabretille (vellum) on the front and silk on the back, by Gabrielle Zaborowska, c. 1897-1899.

The Social Agenda of Art Nouveau


Acid-etched vase for early automobiles, circa 1920s.

Putto with flowers (Spring), designed by Michael Powolny for Gmunder Keramik, made in 1919.

Carillon” vase made by Harrach, ca. 1900

Art Nouveau cicada pendant made from metal and amethyst, c. 1910s – 1920s.


“Automne” art-nouveau pendant made from enameled gold, René Lalique, circa 1900.