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Indian armor, khula-khud (helmet), char aina (curaiss), dastana (vambrace/arm guard), dhal (shield), a traditional Sikh warrior outfit from the nearly 80 historical artefacts on display in central London at the world’s first major exhibition on the Golden Temple of Amritsar, north India. A full-sized mannequin of a Sikh warrior dressed in the way a high-ranking warrior would have been at the height of the Sikh Empire, head to foot in original, ornate, gold body armour and weaponry.

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Egyptian cuirassiers and their armour

Egyptian (Ottoman) Khedive Guard’s cuirass and helmet, early mid to late 1800s. Muhammad Ali Pasha was an Albanian commander in the Ottoman army who became Wāli, and self-declared Khedive of Egypt and Sudan. The Khedive’s Army of Egypt (The Turkish Egyptian Army), was part of the Ottoman Imperial Army until the outbreak of war in August 1914, using the same ranks, training, and similar uniforms.

Muhammad Ali Pasha had his own ambitions that were often at odds with the 

Sublime Porte. The arms and armour of his armies were inspired by French styles. 

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French “Pistolet d’arçon modèle 1822 T Bis”, Model 1854 Cuirassier Officer’s Sword, and a cuirassier’s breastplate, 19th Century.

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A khula-khud, sipar and bazu-band ensemble, with axe, 19th century

The Reversal of Myth: Overcorrecting Arms an…

The Reversal of Myth: Overcorrecting Arms and Armor Misconceptions

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the arms and armor of Medieval Europe, and as a community of enthusiasts we’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to debunk those myths.  Sometimes we go too far though, and in our efforts to distance ourselves from the common myths, we create some of our own!  

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Persian Kulah Khud (helmet), Dhal (shield), and Bazu Band (vambrace), 19th Century

A fine suite of gold and silver-damascened Persian armor, early 19th centuryComprising: 1) Helmet, kulah khud, the domed skull chiseled with florals and panels of birds enclosed by gold-damascened strapwork; the apex fitted with 5 inch spike, the front with two plume sockets and sliding nasal; lower edge of skull with inscribed and silver-damascened panels and fitted with scalloped coif of fine, butted links. Interior retaining thin, quilted lining. 2) Shield, dhal, fitted with brass reinforced rim, the center with four gold-damascened and floral chased bosses, the field chiseled and damascened en suite to the helmet; this enclosed by minor borders composed of small panels chased with florals and a major border having large panels with silver-damascened cursive inscriptions. Reverse with quilted backing. 3) Arm guard, bazu-band, chiseled and gold-damascened en suite to the helmet and shield and fitted below the slightly cusped wrist with buckles and portions of mail wrist band.

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Armour garniture of Sir Christopher Hatton for the field, tourney, tilt and barriers 1585.

from The Royal Collection Trust

The Bikaner armory

The Bikaner armory:

The enthusiast of Indian arms and armor will sooner or later hear about the Bikanēr armory. A substantial part of the armory was sold in the late 20th century to a number of UK antique dealers, and pieces have been circulating in the international antique arms scene since. Various pieces made its way to notable museums like the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Royal Armories in Leeds, to institutions like the Furusiyya Art Foundation, while others are in private hands.

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Indian Kuttuk horseman in armour. The Khuttuk clans inhabit a tract of hilly country lying south and south-west of Kohat, and including spurs of the great Sooliman range from Dullun, on the Upper Koorum river, to Kooshalgurh, on the Indus, and from the Bungush valley of Kohat to the Wuzeeree lands in Bunnoo.

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A view of the John Morgan Coaching and Military Museum.