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Sword Fighting & Winter Clothing

Milanese (Italy) barbute in ancient Corinthian style, circa 1460.

from Hermann Historica

Suit of Persian armor, Qajar Dynasty.

from Auctions Imperial

Japanese kabuto, 17th century.

from Hermann Historica

Japanese kusari katabira mail armor, late 17th century.

from Auctions Imperial

Moro plate and mail armor, the Philippines, 19th century.

from Christies

Italian or German “Death Head” close helmet, 16th-17th century.

from Sofe Design Auctions

Sarmatian bronze helmet of Chalcidean type, 3rd-2nd century BC.

from Karabela Auctions

Austrian tournament helmet, circa 1350.

from The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

French cuirassier’s armor, circa 1620

from Hermann Historica