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British Police Cutlass, c.1813-1817 57 cm cur…

British Police Cutlass, c.1813-1817

57 cm curved blade etched GILL’S Warranted, 6 Princes Street, Soho, London, regulation brass hilt with D-shaped knuckle guard, ribbed leather covered grip.

It is possible that the blade began life as a cavalry sword (hence the early 19th century date of manufacture) and was later cut down and re-hilted for police use. There were tens of thousands of light cavalry swords made during the Napoleonic period, and a number of them were cut down and reused for other weapons such as naval and police cutlasses.

The 2018 British Militaria Forum “Albe…

The 2018 British Militaria Forum “Alberta” Shoot

Kamakshi Oil Lamp, bronze. #linkinprofile . ….

Kamakshi Oil Lamp, bronze. #linkinprofile
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British Presentation Sword for the Attorney’s …

British Presentation Sword for the Attorney’s Cavalry, c.1800

PRESENTATION SWORD OF THE ATTORNEY’S CAVALRY BY PROSSER, 78 cm curved blade decorated with stands of arms, Royal arms, a figure of Britannia, a further classical female figure, laurel wreaths and swags all on a gilt ground, further etched with a presentation panel THE GIFT OF THE SECOND TROOP OF THE ATTORNEY’S CAVALRY TO CHRISTOPHER ABBOTT ESQ.E THEIR CAPTAIN AS A MARK OF THEIR RESPECT AND ESTEEM, patination and staining, classically styled gilt hilt with square form D-shaped knuckle guard, the whole decorated with Roman imagery, wire bound leather covered grip, contained in its shagreen covered copper gilt mounted wooden scabbard, the upper mount with maker’s panel for PROSSER.

The Attorney’s Cavalry were a militia/yeomanry cavalry unit in Ireland in the late 18th century and early 19th century.

Indian Khanda, 19th Century 85.5 cm wootz bl…

Indian Khanda, 19th Century

85.5 cm wootz blade with shaped strengthening plate, tulwar-type basket hilt with finger guard, shaped lanyard ring, curved spiked pommel, 109 cm long overall, 19th century.

British Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Officer’s S…

British Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Officer’s Sword with an Indian Blade

The wide heavy curved 75 cm blade of watered steel back-edged for the last 24 cm, the back edge deeply chiseled with an intricate repeat floral pattern with the remains of gold koftgari work, plain steel stirrup knuckle-guard of typical 1796 form, wide shield shaped langets, faceted back-strap, polished single piece ribbed horn grip.

1897 Pattern British Infantry Officer’…

1897 Pattern British Infantry Officer’s Sword

Just a quick overview of the 1897P British Infantry Officer’s Sword – the most recent and in fact current pattern for British Officer’s. This one has had an interesting life – since you can see that it is covered in vaseline! We clean it off and get a good look at the etching in this video though! 

victoriansword: Indian Cavalry Trooper’s Sword…


Indian Cavalry Trooper’s Sword in the Style of a British Pattern 1853 Cavalry Trooper’s Sword

Probably for a sowar of one of the Indian cavalry regiments of the Bombay, Bengal, or Madras Army, and made in Sialkot when it was still a part of India (now Pakistan).

A.A. GHOLAM JEELAN, SIALKOT, A PAKISTANI CAVALRY TROOPER’S SWORD, circa 1860 and strongly based on the British 1853 Pattern, with curved 30 1/2in. blade blind-fullered for two thirds of its length, the forte signed ‘A.A. GHOLAM JEELAN, SIALKOT’, iron three-bar hilt with small fixed inner guard, leather grip-piece with broad impressed chequering and secured by five large rivets and flat riveted pommel-cap, together with its embossed leather scabbard with leather covered reinforcing bands near throat and sheet iron drag covering fully one third of the scabbard

Hong Kong Police Sword, 19th Century A rare …

Hong Kong Police Sword, 19th Century

A rare Hong Kong Police (mounted police) cavalry sword, dating to the late-19th century. I have never seen one of these before and they must be rare survivors outside Hong Kong. As can be seen from the photo below, from around 1885, the Hong Kong Police had a mounted contingent which was armed and equipped like a cavalry troop. The sword itself is in nice condition, with the original field service scabbard. The blade is bright and is marked to the outfitter Parker, Field & Son, who supplied the military and police. The blade is unsharpened and is solid in the hilt. It is evident that the hilt was originally nickel plated and patches of this remain. The shagreen and wire grip is in nice condition.

Essentially a British Pattern 1821 Light Cavalry Officer’s Sword , but for the police.

British Officer’s Sword with a Persian Shamshi…

British Officer’s Sword with a Persian Shamshir Blade, Early 19th Century

The very heavy deeply curved 81 cm blade of watered steel, of Persian workmanship, unsigned, the back edge rounded, the copper-gilt stirrup shaped knuckle-guard of similar form to that of a 1796 pattern light cavalry guard but with two scrolling side bars to give additional protection to the hand, plain back-strap and domed pommel, fine one-piece chequered ivory grip.