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The Origins of Giger’s Xenomorph

The Origins of Giger’s Xenomorph

from Georg Rockall-Schmidt

The Day Alien Died

The Day Alien Died

from Entertain the Elk

R.I.P. Bill Gold, legendary movie poster desig…

R.I.P. Bill Gold, legendary movie poster designer. (1921 – 2018)

“Is there an interesting way to go? Who gives a fuck?…

“Is there an interesting way to go? Who gives a fuck? You’re already gone.” 

?  RIP Harry Dean Stanton (1926 – 2017) 

Xenomorph Myths

Thinking about getting a xenomorph for a pet but hesitant because of certain myths perpetuated by Hollywood filmakers? Well as a caretaker for a pet xenomorph I’m here to dispel those myths and set the record straight.

Myth #1: Xenomorphs are aggressive and violent

An old myth that unfortunately has become all too common. In truth aggressive xenomorphs are only violent as a result of abusive or violent owners.  When properly raised and cared for xenomorphs can be loyal, kind, adorable, and affectionate pets. While movies give them a bad rap, in reality most xenomorphs just want a hug.


Myth # 2: Xenomorphs have metal dissolving acid for blood 

I mean, come on! This is so ridiculous! As a xenomorph owner and a person in the medical profession who works with blood gasses, this one truly baffles me! IF this myth was true, how would a xenomorph maintain blood chemistry balance? What about nutrient and gas exchange? How could a xenomorph’s body tissues and internal organs be unaffected by an acidic compound that melts metal? Sheesh!

Myth #3: Xenomorphs don’t get along well with other pets.

Certainly not true. If raised properly a xenomorph will become a loving part of the family with all other pets.  Xenomorphs are especially known for having an affinity for kitties.


Myth 4: Xenomorphs drool everywhere

Unfortunately there is some truth to this myth. Xenomorphs are known for being bad droolers. I mean, look at my xenomorph named Twizzler when I first got him.


However this problem can be mitigated with proper training. Never punish your xenomorph for drooling, rather offer rewards for proper spittle management such as hugs, kisses, and treats. I also suggest having a lot of carpet and upholstry cleaner handy.

Most people when they first see a xenomorph:Vasquez: “LETS ROCK!!!!!”

Most people when they first see a xenomorph:


 “LETS ROCK!!!!!”