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Royal Irish Constabulary Officer’s Sword

Royal Irish Constabulary Victorian Period Officer’s Sword, the 85 cm bright blade with spear point by J.B.Johnstone, Dawson St., Dublin, the unfullered blade etched with a QVC crowned strap ‘Royal Irish Constabulary’ enclosing the Harp a crowned ‘VR’ cypher and panels of scrolling foliage, the triple bar steel hilt incorporating a crowned stylised Harp, wire bound fish skin grip, black leather sword knot with olivette contained in its plated metal scabbard.

British Pattern 1827/1846 Naval Officer’s Sword with Patent Solid Hilt and Broadsword Blade

A scarce and interesting variant of a British 1827P Naval Officers sword, of heavy and large construction with a broadsword blade. A very interesting early patent example of this type of sword, with two piece grip with iron seam and iron disc infront of washer. The blade is etched around the proof mark with a starburst and the word ‘Patent’. The proof disc has been removed, but we feel it is possibly a Wilkinson made sword. The large broadsword blade has been finley etched, with retailers details, foliage, fouled anchor. The sword has a folding guard, acting as a locking catch. Top mount displays the large badge of retailer ‘GALT. GRIEVES & CO, PORTSEA’. An interesting variation of sword, c.1859-1881. Overall length approx. 96cm. Blade length 78cm. Blade width approx. 3.1cm.


British Pattern 1827/46 Naval Officer’s Sword with a Blade of Flattened Hexagonal Cross-Section

Bright 81cm double edged blade of shallow hexagonal section by Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall London no. 23017 for 1879 etched with scrolls, a crown fouled anchor, and a owner’s monogram within coronet, regulation re gilded hilt with lion’s head pommel and wire bound fish skin grip, in its it re gilded leather scabbard with spring clip, complete with bullion knot.


British Pattern 1827/46 Naval Officer’s Sword with Claymore Blade

Blade 31½”, by Ledger Smith & Co, 9 Dowgate Hill, London, etched with crowned fouled anchor on one side and crowned Royal Arms and supporters on the other, in foliate panels; regulation gilt half basket hilt incorporating crowned fouled anchor and with turn down inner portion, lion’s head pommel and backstrap, wirebound sharkskin grip.


An Unusual East India Company Naval Officer’s Sword

82cm pipe backed blade by W.Parker London, etched with scrolling foliage, the East India Company arms and motto (partly erased), copper gilt gothic type hilt with bold lion’s head pommel, the guard applied with the East India Company crest and initials E.I.C. within a wreath in silver, the ferrule embossed with flower heads, inner folding guard, wire bound fish skin grip, in its re-leathered scabbard with engraved brass mounts with two suspension rings, the locket with frog stud.


British Pattern 1827/46 Naval Warrant Officer’s Sword

Victorian 1827 Pattern Royal Navy Warrant Officers Sword with black fish skin grip. Gilt brass dish guard with fouled anchor and Victorian crown. Housed in its original leather and brass mounted scabbard. Blade with the remains of the original etching and Victorian crowned anchor.


British Pattern 1827 Naval Officer’s Sword

A Victorian British Naval Officer’s sword, lion head and bound shagreen grip to folding brass guard, 26in. slightly curving pipe back polished steel blade, in black leather and brass scabbard, original dress knot with metal interweave design.

British Pattern 1827 Rilfe Officer’s Sword of Picquet Weight

Also known as levee swords, these swords were lighter and daintier versions of service swords. They were for for balls, levees, and other dress occasions when a full weight sword would have been cumbersome. 

Victorian Rifle Regiment Officers Levee Sword, untouched example with pierced half basket hilt having crowned strung bugle. Fish skin covered grip. Housed in its steel scabbard. Finely engraved etched blade with crowned VR cipher to one side and Rifles bugle to the reverse. No retailers marks. Blade retains nearly all of the polished finish and remains in near mint condition. Blade measures 83cms, overall 101cms.


A Set of British Pattern 1827 Rifle Officers’ Swords

A Pair of Rifle Officer’s Swords Owned by The Hon. G.O.M. Bridgeman

The first of field weight with 82cm blade by Henry WIlkinson Pall Mall London, numbered 15410 for 1867, etched with scrolls, crowned VR cypher, a slung bugle horn, owner’s crest and W.S. to G.B. within a banner, regulation steel gothic patent solid hilt incorporating slung bugle horn, wire bound chequered horn grips, in its steel scabbard with two suspension rings, the second of levee weight with 82.5cm blade by Wilkinson, Pall Mall London, numbered 15439 for 1867 etched with scrolls, crowned VR cypher, a slung bugle horn and owner’s crest, regulation steel gothic hilt incorporating a slung bugle horn, wire bound fish skin grip, in its steel scabbard with two suspension rings.


The Swords of The Honourable Gerald Orlando Manners Bridgeman, 3rd son of the 3rd Earl of Bradford, born 5th November 1847, and died 14th April 1870, aged 22. Ensign The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort’s Own).
The W.S. on the blade refers to Lord Walter Scott, The Duke of Buccleuch.

British Pattern 1827 Rifle Officer’s Sword

The blade is etched “SURREY RIFLES”–a volunteer rifles unit.