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British Pattern 1805 Naval Warrant Officer’s Sword

British Pattern 1805 Naval Officer’s Sword

An 180[5] Royal Naval officer’s sword, slender, shallow diamond section blade 27½”, etched and blued and gilt for two thirds length with crown, GR cypher and stylized foliage on one side and trophy of arms in stylized foliage on the other, gilt stirrup hilt with crossguard engraved with foliate panels, pronounced knucklebow into flattened lion’s head pommel with flowing mane backstrap, slightly swollen wirebound chequered ivory grip, in its black leather (limp and fractured) scabbard with stylized foliate engraved locket, middle band and chape, 2 rings, the locket maker’s name “Salter, Sword Cutler and Jeweller to HRH the Duke of Sussex, 35 Strand London”.