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peashooter85: British court sword, circa 1810….


British court sword, circa 1810.

from Rouillac

victoriansword: Victorian and Boer War Era …


Victorian and Boer War Era Medical Corps Uniforms and Accouterments


British Pattern 1846 Naval Warrant Officer’s Sword

victoriansword: British Diplomatic Uniform …


British Diplomatic Uniform and Sword

victoriansword: English Dragoon’s Basket-Hilte…


English Dragoon’s Basket-Hilted Backsword, c.1750

According to the basket hilt classification of Cyril Mazansky (British Basket-Hilted Swords: A Typology of Basket-type Sword Hilts, 2005), this is a type G-16. This hilt type features long bars and a cross-and-arrow motif. The grip has lost much of its fish skin covering, but retains its copper wire wrap. The blade appears to have the king’s head stamp of the Wundes family of Solingen, but as was the fashion of the day, it is stamped with the name ANDREA FERARA

victoriansword: World War I British Officer…


World War I British Officer’s Tunic and Sam Browne Belt with Attachments

And a Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer’s Sword, the hilt decorated with the GRV cypher for George V.

victoriansword: Walter Rendell in the Legio…


Walter Rendell in the Legion of the Frontiersmen Uniform, 1914

Regiment # 0-5. Note the blue puttees, sword and Australian-style slouch hat.

Courtesy of the Rooms Provincial Archives Division (VA 36-33.7), St. John’s, NL.

Also note the shoulder chains and Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer’s Sword.

victoriansword: British Non-Regulation “Scinde…


British Non-Regulation “Scinde Horse Pattern” Officer’s Sword 

Which belonged to Lieutenant M. B. Salmon, West India Regiment, attached 30th Bombay Native Infantry (Jacob’s Rifles).

A rare ‘Jacob pattern’ sword, specially ordered to replace one lost or damaged during the Afghan campaign, of a pattern similar to the pattern 1857 Royal Engineers Officer’s sword, with 33-inch slightly-curved fullered blade by Henry Wilkinson, pall mall [Serial Number 22410 which indicates a date of manufacture in 1881], with a longitudinal groove as used on heavy cavalry swords (and more akin to that used, in brass, for Royal Engineer officers after 1857), etched with a family Crest, and Motto ans tache, the steel guard pierced with ‘Honeysuckle’ design, wire-bound fish skin grip and chequered pommel, in its massive wooden-lined brown leather scabbard with polished steel locket and chape.



A Fine Presentation Naval Officer’s Dirk, England 1832