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British Pattern 1786 Infantry Officer’s Spadroon

The Bucks Militia Officer’s Spadroon, c.1790-1803, the 82cm straight blade with single full length fuller, engraved with the Royal Crest and crowned ‘GR’ cypher, trophy of arms and floral swags. Gilt metal cross guard incorporating a pierced lozenge, ‘D’ shaped hand guard, reeded ivory hand grip with central gilt metal band featuring oval cartouches on both sides, the obverse displays the crowned Garter Proper with central ‘GR’ cypher, the obverse with crowned Garter Proper enclosing ‘Bucks’. Together with its black leather scabbard, this with three chapes, the reverse of the top one engraved, ‘Johnston’s Sword Cutlers 8 Newcastle Str. Strand London’.

The 1786 regulation applied only to the blade, and not the hilt. Therefore there are a wide variety of hilts found on 1786 pattern blades. 

French Masonic Style Sword, 19th Century

Both sides of the blade are ridged and slightly wavy with one side etched with manufacturer inscription on the ricasso “Rouland Klingenthal France”. Gilded (somewhat worn) brass guard with crossed bones, skull on the pommel and horn grip. Length 97.5 cm.

Takouba, c.1900

Double-edged blade triple fullered on both sides in the upper quarter. Leather-covered iron quillons and handle. Riveted brass disc pommel. Length 88 cm.


“Mr B Promoted to Lieutenant and first putting on his uniform”. An engraving by George Cruikshank based on drawings by Frederick Marryat, plate 7 of 7 of The Progress of a Midshipman.

The single epaulet on the officer’s right shoulder places the date between 1812, when Royal Navy uniform regulations first gave a single epaulet to the rank of lieutenant, and 1827, when the lieutenant’s uniform gained a second epaulet.

Indian Sosun Patta, 18th Century

A fine Indian sword (sosun patta), 18th Century, forward curving blade 25 in., gold koftgari to the forte overlaying earlier inlaid decoration, Indo-Muslim hilt richly embellished with gold koftgari, associated velvet covered scabbard with elaborate openwork mounts.


Hands to Bathe’,  a sketch by Captain Owen Stanley during his survey voyage on HMS Rattlesnake in 1848, just one year later he past away he was just 40 years old

Captive Ramrods on Muzzle Loading Guns

Sword Fighting & Winter Clothing


Pattern 1845 Infantry Officer’s Sword for an officer of the Honourable East India Company (HEIC), with presentation inscription.

Description: Presentation sword with the original scabbard etched on the blade.Lieut. Capel Fothergill Adey. “This sword presented to him at the public examination on the (…) by the Honorable Court of Directors of the East India Company as a mark of the court’s approbation of his general good conduct while at the Company’s Military Seminary.Maker: E & W Bond, 45 Cornhill, London.

Source for the presentation address: Google Books


Superb silver-gilt presentation sword and other items relating to the early history of the H.E.I.C.’s Steam Navy and, more specifically, the celebrated paddle sloop Hugh Lindsay, and her master Commander John Henry Wilson

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