Author: Lock, Stock, and History

Silver and brass mounted flintlock long rifle crafted by the Young Family of Tennessee, late 19th century.

from Morphy Auctions

Why is it so easy to be thin in Japan?

from What I’ve Learned

German MP-43 captured US forces during World War II.

from Morphy Auctions


Church in Italy / South Tyrol

©  Tom from Germany

Libum — Ancient Roman Cheesecake

from Historical Italian Cooking

The Hargeisa Holocaust

from Rare Earth

Spanish espada ropera, 16th century.

from Artemis Gallery


Panzer IV and T-34 serving together in the Syrian Army, 1950s


British artillery casings from the bombardment of Hill 60 during the Somme, 1916


Elamite relief fragment with ostrich and genius (human-headed bull) 721-464 BCE by Mary Harrsch

Via Flickr:

Photographed at the Seattle Art Museum in Seattle, Washington.