Not a War Thunder tank to be Underestimated


The Churchill Mark I


You don’t see many of these around. Most players who grind the British ground forces tech tree simply skip it, it is truly an unloved tank. But I want to tell all that you should not. While deceptively sucky, the Churchill Mark I is a very dangerous tank. It’s very slow and it’s mobility is poor. It’s 2 pounder (40mm) gun is badly underpowered.

At a battle rating of 3.0 you are facing tanks with 75mm guns.

It has a 75mm gun mounted in the chassis which is extremely difficult to to use and only fire HE rounds that are practically useless against other tanks. All in all most would probably want to pass on the tank HOWEVER…

It does have three very redeeming qualities that make it a very formidable tank. First, it is very survivable. At it’s battle rating it probably has the thickest armor of any other tank.


This tank can take an incredible beating (angle your armor of course), with properly angled armor even a Panzer IV F2 with its 75mm high velocity gun will have some trouble penetrating your front plate and turret.

Secondly, while it’s 2 pounder gun is underpowered, it makes up for it with a firing rate of 3.6 seconds (stock). At that rate you can fire two shots in the time that most other tanks can fire one. When using Shot Mark I you have penetration values of 88mm at close range. So while it’s a small round that lacks explosive filler and doesn’t do a lot of internal damage, it has good enough penetration power to deal with most everything you come up against. KV-1′s, T-34′s, and Italian P40′s might pose a challenge if you meet head to head, but I assure you that those three tanks have weak points in their front armor and turrets where you can easily knock out the gunner, then leisurely pick the rest of the tank apart shot by shot. LEARN THOSE WEAK POINTS! It will take precision shooting and multiple shots, it might seem like death by a thousand cuts, but the Churchill Mark I fires quickly and can carry a lot of ammo. This is what the Churchill Mark I is good at, plodding along, brawling, taking lots of hits, and riddling up the enemy with lots of hits back.

Third, it’s turret rotation speed is really good. Many tanks will flank you and knock out your engine from behind, then watch in amazement as your turret will rotate around 180 and start firing back before the next round can be loaded. The Churchill Mark I has among the best turret rotations at that battle rating.

Consider it, especially if you love heavy tanks and love brawling. Give it a chance. Give it some love.