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British Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer’s Sword and Pattern 1856 Pioneer’s Sword

This lot from Bonhams offers us a chance to visually compare the dimensions of an infantry officer’s sword and an other ranks sidearm.

On the left, a British Pattern 1897 Infantry officer’s Sword carried by Lieut. T.H.F. Roberts of the Cheshire Regiment. 22 inch blade etched with conventional motifs and inscribed THF Roberts/12 Batt. Cheshire Regt. Ricasso marked Hawksworth/Sheffield. Semi-basket hilt of standard pattern and retaining the brown leather sword knot. Brown leather-covered field scabbard. Lieut. T.H.F. Roberts served abroad during World War I with the Cheshire Regiment and is listed as such on the Great European War Memorial in Prenton, Cheshire.

On the right, a British Pattern 1856 Pioneer’s Sword

by Robert Mole with 22 ½ inch sawback blade bearing War Department marks. Brass hilt of standard pattern. Brass-mounted leather scabbard.