My Book on the Sterling is Out!



Really pleased to say that my first ever book is out today (29th November). I’ve written an instalment of Osprey’s Weapon series all about the British Sterling submachine gun! I’ve mentioned it a few times on here but I wrote it in the course of about a year and it is so exciting to finally see it out in the world! 

I tried to pack it with as much new research as I could spending a lot of time in archives and also listening to the Imperial War Museum’s brilliant audio interview collection to find out what the people who used it actually thought about the Sterling. 

The book covers every aspect of the Sterling’s history from its design and development through to the decade of gruelling testing it was put thought. The main chapter of the book digs deep into the experiences of the men who used the gun. It includes anecdotes about its performance in the field and I also used field reports, medal citations and interviews I personally conducted with veterans to try and bring the history to life. 


Osprey books are known for their illustrations and this one is from my book showing Sterlings in action with both sides during the Argentine invasion of the Falklands and the attack on government house. 

The book also discusses the Sterling’s influence around the world not just as a military weapon (over 1 million were made) but also its impact on popular culture as it found new fame on screen appearing in Bond films and most famously as the Imperial Stormtrooper’s E-11 blaster. I break down some of the parts that were added to the guns to give them the iconic Star Wars look. 

Writing it was a great experience, a lot of people were instrumental in helping me put it together. I am very excited to see it released, when I started Historical Firearms way back in 2013, I never thought that five years later I’d be writing books! Thanks everyone for reading the blog and I hope that if you come across my book on the Sterling you enjoy it. 

More about the book here, if you’d like a copy it should be available online and in shops worldwide and if you can’t find it let me know and I will do my best to get you a copy!

– Matt