British Pattern 1822 Infantry Officer’s Sword …

British Pattern 1822 Infantry Officer’s Sword

Fine antique British infantry officer’s sword made circa 1825 and in quite good condition. It is a model 1822 sword with the hilt decorated with an embossed coat of arms, corresponding to the king George IV. This English king ruled the country from 1820 to 1830. The sword comes with its scabbard: it is in good condition though the brass tip is missing. The sword’s hilt is a gorgeous piece made of golden metal and with a fine wavy design with curved branches. One of the cross’s sides is foldable. The grip preserves the original leather covering and the twisted wire that holds it in its place. The steel blade is well preserved and boasts a fine patina created by the trace of time. The scabbard is made of black leather and has brass locker and central piece, both decorated with fine hand-engraved geometrical motifs. The central piece still preserves the ring designed to tie the sword’s leather strap.

Measurements: Total Length: 37.8 in / 96 cm. Blade Length: 31.8 in / 81 cm.