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A Rare Sudanese Kaskara Of Sultan Ali Dinar Ibn Zakariya And Given By Him To His Son Mazmal, 1884

Dated 1302 A.H. Corresponding To 1884 A.D.With broad double-edged blade (tip with some pitting) struck with a bladesmith’s mark within the shallow double fuller over half its length on each side and retaining traces of etched foliate decoration, the etched rectangular panel on one side inscribed ‘al-Sultan Ali Dinar son of al-Sultan Zakariya son of al-Sultan Mohammad al-Fadl son of al-Sultan Abdurzahman al-Rashid son of Sultan Ahmad Bakr, year 1216 A.H.’ (corresponding to 1801 A.D.), and on the other ‘This Sword was given by Sultan Ali Dinar to his son Mazmal’ followed by a repeat of the ancestral inscription above, all the inscriptions in naskh, characteristic hilt comprising brass tapering langets and cross guard of diamond section swelling towards the tips, the face of one tip inscribed ‘Sultan Ali Dinar Son of Sultan Zakariya’ and dated 1302 A.H. (corresponding to 1884 A.D.), and with the tughra of Ali Dinar on the other, silver-covered grip embossed with a pinecone design, and flat circular pommel with punched decoration and surmounted by a button on a dome, in its tooled leather scabbard (damaged, some losses) with characteristic swelling and embossed silver throat mount, steel suspension rings with leather strap, and twisted leather tassels. 91.5 cm blade.

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