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Kulah Khud, Persian style helmet, c.1898

This handsome iron and brass helmet was recovered from the Omdurman battlefield. It would have been worn by a Dervish warrior. Situated just north of Khartoum, the battle of 2 September 1898 marked the culmination of Major-General Sir Horatio Herbert (later Field Marshal, 1st Earl) Kitchener’s re-conquest of the Sudan. Kitchener commanded a force of 8,000 British regulars and a mixed force of 17,000 Sudanese and Egyptian soldiers. Armed with modern rifles, Maxim guns and artillery they easily defeated the 50,000 strong Dervish army of Abdullah al-Taashi. Kitchener’s force lost 48 men with 382 wounded as opposed to the 10,000 dead and 13,000 wounded of the Dervishes.

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