victoriansword: Indian Khanda, 20th Century …


Indian Khanda, 20th Century

With broad bright blade double-edged at the point of flattened diamond section, chiselled in low relief over nearly its entire length along one side with a cavalcade in a landscape processioning to a tiger hunt, and along the other taking part in and returning from the hunt, the forte on both sides chiselled with a pair of gold-damascened tigers, a pair of smaller elephant above, the back of the blade gold-damascened and pierced with a series of rectangular slots containing numerous free-running steel balls known as ‘The tears of Allah’, characteristic hilt of finely watered wootz steel, comprising pointed langets damascened with foliage in two colours of gold and each with finial of pierced arabesques, pierced gold-damascened peacock head quillons, waisted bent-up guard and integral knuckle-guard each with reinforced borders gold-damascened with running arabesques, disc-shaped pommel and stalk-like finial en suite, the latter on a mount pierced with gold-damascened foliage inhabited by pairs of birds, grip covered in black velvet, padded black velvet liner, and in fine condition, in its wooden scabbard covered in purple velvet. 90.5 cm blade.