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The Flaming Bayonet,

An American invention during World War I, the flaming bayonet was an attachment to the standard American M1903 Springfield or M1917 Enfield which was placed below to the bayonet. The attachment consisted of six cartridges loaded with flammable chemicals which could fire a burst of very bright flame up to ten feet. It’s purpose was not to clear out trenches like a regular flamethrower, as it could only fire a quick burst. However it was intended to be used to distract or blind the enemy so that the user could close to within bayonet range. I can’t find much info on this weapon, however it is probably unlikely this device saw much combat, if any at all.  Apparently the device had ignition problems, added to much extra weight to the front of a rifle, and was of dubious usefulness. The flaming bayonet  project was discontinued in 1919.