Used to be in a welding group on facebook, but…

Used to be in a welding group on facebook, but left after realising it was basically 50% bitching about medical stuff, and 50% bitching over "DARN KIDS NOWADAYS WITH THEIR SAFETY EQUIPMENT, YOU DONT NEED GLOVES, RESPIRATORS OR EYE PROTECTION TO JUST DO A LIL' WELDING" (hyperbolic, but anyway) And dont get me started on the facebook "IF YOU WERE A KID IN THE (insert irrelevant decade here) YOU NEVER NEEDED SEATBELTS ETC" posts. No fool like an old fool rings true every damn day

LOL welding gloves and welding goggles are for pussies. 

No I get this a lot too. Where I live the powdered metal industry is big and has thrived despite being the rust belt with a huge decline in industry. I know a lot of people who work in powdered metal factories and I ask them if they wear safety gear and most don’t. Many say stuff just like you were commenting and they’re like “I don’t need no respirator! My pa worked in the factory for 30 years and died at the rife old age of 60 and he didn’t wear a respirator! You millennial youngins’ are a bunch of pansies who are ruining this country!” 

Like, think about it you’re breathing in powdered metal! Use some common sense!!! Ah well, it’s job security for me I guess.