A translation of the 1470 Mamluk Treatise

A translation of the 1470 Mamluk Treatise:


Middle Eastern and African Martial Arts get little to no coverage in the English speaking world. So help the folks over at the Historical African Martial Arts Association make this translation happen, so they can help keep this knowledge alive.


WE JUST BROKE £5000 MARK! JUST £500 TO GO!!!!!

Our organisation has a 1470 Mamluk Treatise called Kitāb al-makhzūn jāmiʻ al-funūn (The treasure that combines all arts). It’s a treatise on military arts, covering such topics as training, cavalry, infantry, archery, and crossbow.

Being the main point of reconstructing Historical Martial Arts on the continent, we have found a publisher who specialises in Classical Arabic who would be able to translate this. However, the price given is £5,500 which is quite a reasonable rate concerning what it entails: not only would this provide an understandable translation but also Historical commentary and context to go with it; including relative and awkward phrasing. The equivalent would be having to get a manual on classical Latin or Medieval German translating. In short, it would cut us to the point and enable us to get this manual translated.

Thank you.

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