victoriansword: A  very large and rare Datu …


very large and rare Datu Barong

This thick heavy fighting type measures approx 60 cm long from tip to tip. Its blade length is 40 cm long, 1 cm thick and 7.5 cm across the blade at the widest point. The large oversize pommel of Jungayan style is expertly formed and inlayed with Suassa alloys at the top. The grip section is woven and tarred cord, double wrapped and without loss or damage. The silver hilt tube is both inlaid and over-laid with suassa fittings. The blade is of the Shandigan type with clear hollow forging and very fine beveled cutting edge. Its surfaces display a very fine pattern welding with a clear Harmon like quality along the cutting edge. It is without its original sheath. A very rare and outstanding Barong from high nobility, one that remains in excellent condition for its age.