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Waterloo Spam: The French Connection

Although I focus on British swords of the 19th century, I try to include other swords, weapons, and armour that I think are cool and often have some connection to Britain and its empire and its wars. I would be remiss if I only spammed you with British militaria today, so I will present you with a few images from the sales catalog for “The Charles Bremner Hogg Jackson Collection”. Jackson was an avid collector who left his collection to the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. A large portion of the collection–French militaria from the First Empire–was considered beyond the scope of the Smithsonian and it was therefore sold via auction in 1996. Below are a few interesting pieces from the catalog.

Above: A silver hilted sword of honour  together with documents including a Brevet of Honor granting the sword, dated 4 Nivose An 8, signed Bonaparte and citing Jacques Grognet, Captain of Grenadiers of the 51st Demi Brigade.

Above: Non-Regulation General Officer of Cuirassiers Helmet

Above: Deluxe Cavalry Officer’s Sabre of the Imperial Guard

Above, from top to bottom: Deluxe Light Cavalry Officer’s Sabre, Model An XI Lancers/Chasseurs Sabre, Model An XI Light Cavalry Sabre a la Chasseur, Model An XI Light Cavalry Sabre, Model An XI Light Cavalry Sabre.