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Sturmpistole Z

Manufactured by either Erma or Walther c.WW2 by adapting Mod.34 ‘Heer’ army flare pistols.
~27mm caliber smoothbore barrel with rifled insert, firing explosive projectiles of all sorts. Panzerfaust-type sights, MG13 / GrB39 style of stock with cushioned shoulder pad. Top break action, single shot.

The Kampfpistole Z was designed to provide better urban combat weapons to the German army around 1942. Allegedly inspired by a German soldier firing a grenade stuck to a flare from a standard signal pistol out of desperation, killing several enemy soldiers and breaking his arm, it was meant to fight off lightly-armored vehicles with shaped charge projectiles and otherwise use the variety of specialized cartridges developed for its predecessor. These included message canisters, smoke bombs, grenades, and of course regular flares.
The Kampfpistole obviously had a strong recoil, and it was very soon issued in the Sturmpistole configuration with better sights and a welcome stock.

26,5mm Nebelpatronen Z smoke cartridges

27,2mm Panzer-Wurfkörper 42 LP

27,2mm Sprenggranatpatrone 326 P-Pz