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Photos: 15 Inch Vickers Coastal Gun

Yesterday, I shared the latest Armourer’s Bench video looking at the massive 15 inch coastal guns that defended the

port of Mahon on the Spanish island of Menorca.


The two guns were mounted at the Fortalesa Isabel II, a fort originally built in the 19th century, to upgrade the port’s defences in the mid-1930s. The huge guns 

could throw an 860kg shell up to 35km. Today, I thought I’d share some of the still photos I took during the vist. They show the rest of the battery, the gun’s equipment and some of the support buildings. 

Check out the video below: 

The guns defended the approach to Mahon for nearly 80 years,finally being decommissioned in the mid-2000s. They never fired a shot in anger but acted as a deterrent during the Spanish Civil War and World War Two. They’re in a beautiful location, on a cliff top 70m above the sea, with views for miles. 

You can

check out the video and full in-depth blog on the guns here