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British Pattern 1821 Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword for an officer of the Honourable Artillery Company

This is a very good British Honourable Artillery Company Officers Sword circa 1850.The HAC were the oldest regiment in the British Army,being given its charter of incorporation in 1537 by Henry VIII. In the 17th century some of its members emigrated to America,and formed the Honourable Artillery Company of Boston and Massachusetts which I believe still flourishes today.Despite its name the HAC has always been a mixture of Artillery and Infantry,and gave sterling service in the South African War of 1902-1903.In 1908 the HAC became part of the Territorial Army,and saw much service during WW1,and WW2 The blade is 35 in length,single edged,and single fullered,and was made by R Garden of Picadilly,London. It is heavily etched with panels of foliage,an intertwined HAC,and the coat of arms of the Buchan – Hepburn family of Scotland.This is almost certainly the sword of Sir Thomas Buchan-Hepburn Bart, who was married in 1835,and his only son John George Hepburn was shot dead in a mine riot in Mexico in 1883 before aceeding to the title.The Buchan-Hepburn Family were originally the old Earls of Buchan,and Sir Thomas was the 18th direct descendent of Robert the Bruce.These are the only details I have of the family,and leave it to the purchaser to do more research on this intriguing sword. Three bar steel hilt,with a diced leather grip,bound with brass and silver wire binding.In its original steel scabbard with two suspension rings.In excellent overall condition.