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fun fact: human’s eyes are not supposed to glow at night because our eyes are missing the tapetum lucidum – a thing in some animal’s eyes (like cats, dogs, etc) that allow them to see at night

humans dont have that, therefore in regular light like this, that dude’s eyes should have not been glowing

so therein lies the question….. extreme body mod? did he tape lights to his eyeballs? ….or is that something nonhuman?

holy shit


@mojave-red help ;~;

I wouldn’t worry about it

Human eyes glow in dark settings just like animal eyes, it just takes much more light to get the effect. Something like the high intensity flash of a camera.


And in fact uneven or overly intense retina glare from a camera flash can be a sign of cataracts, retinoblastoma, coats disease, or other eye problems.


In the video there are several moments where it is quite clear that the person filming is using a high intensity light source with her camera that is reflected off the dashboard and windows. At around 1:30 the driver even exclaims, “get that light out of my face!” Plus at several times they make it pretty clear what it is, saying stuff like, “That’s a nekked man out there!!!”, “that n$%^er is nekked!”

So yeah, this is just tumblr making stuff seem more mysterious than it really is. Love with your heart, use your brain for everything else.