The Brunswick M1860/61 needlefire pistol carbi…

The Brunswick M1860/61 needlefire pistol carbine,

The Prussian Dreyse needlefire rifle was a huge advanced in military firearms technology, and it was not long before other German states wanted it as well. The Dreyse rifle was a single shot bolt action rifle which fired a paper cartridge. It was called a needlefire rifle because the firing pin consisted of a needle which pierced the paper cartridge, igniting a primer located within the cartridge, thus discharging the round.

One of the German states which was interested in the Dreyse was the Duchy of Brunswick (

Braunschweig), who procured a number of rifles from Prussia in 1860. However, they would also created their own Dreyse design, a Dreyse bolt action pistol carbine for it’s famous cavalry forces. The carbine featured a pistol with a detachable buttstock and used the Dreyse action. With the stock attached, the carbine was around 26.5 inches in total length and weighed around 5 lbs. Thus it was a very light, compact, and handy carbine for use on horseback. Between 1861 and 1863 around 530 carbines and 100 pistol without buttstocks were produced by the Herberg Rifle Factory.