British Bias?





Say what you will about British tanks in War Thunder but I always perform best in them. They have their problems; they’re slow, often have puny guns, lack APHE ammunition, lack the ability to go in reverse, and some models are just plain weird (Archer, 3 inch gun carrier).  But to me with their armor they seem like very forgiving tanks, very solid stalwart machines that can take a beating, and I do really well with them. I love them 😀


>puny guns

>lack of APHE

>Lack of reverse gears

Very few tanks in the game have “good” reverse gears like the Panther II, Obj 906, Lorraine 40t.

Each nation changes at each tier, The British have very strong contenders in every tier, unlike some nations. 

I probably should have explained more that I’m still a very low tier player, the only high tiers I gotten through is the Russian tree.So that’s the onlypersonal experience I have. I’m at low tier 2 on the British and at those Tiers they are slow but heavily armored beasts with small guns but I do really well with them and I actually have a lot of fun with them. I love getting in my Matilda and Valentine and just chuggin across the map like a beast, bouncing rounds, and being all like “I Say! Calm down you cheeky miscreants!”

Peashooter you’ve been using that argument for awhile now. Get grinding, join us in the Lorraine heavens.

I’ll get there. I don’t have a lot of time to play with work and my many hobbies. Plus I’ve been moving very slowly through the trees, making sure to play each and every tank thoroughly, even the bad ones.