victoriansword: A River Tyne Police Hanger …


A River Tyne Police Hanger and companion truncheon

The first by “Parker, Field & Sons, 233 Holborn, London”, both circa 1870,
the first with curved fullered blade double-edged towards the point, the back-edge fitted with spring-catch at the forte, etched with maker’s details in full on one side and “Tyne River Police” on the other, regulation brass hilt, and ribbed fishskin-covered grip, in original brass-mounted scabbard, the locket with frog-stud (locking button missing), 58cm blade, the truncheon painted in polychrome and gilt with crown and cipher over a red ground cartouche, inscribed “River Tyne Police” over a natural ribbed handle, stamped to terminal, “Field 59, Leman Ste.”, 44cm.