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The Venditti Lancusi-Pistol,

In 1854 Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson invented a type of system called the “Volcanic” system, which came in both pistol and rifle forms.  The system used a lever action mechanism to feed cartridges from a tube magazine into the breech.  The cartridge used was a new invention called the “rocket ball” which was a bullet with a hollow cavity which was filled with gunpowder and capped off with a percussion cap.  While the system was ingenious it had one fatal flaw, the rocket ball did not have enough power to be practical.

Even more interesting was an invention of the Italian gun designer named Venditti of Lancusi began work on a very similar design which utilized the rocket ball cartridge.  It is unknown who invented the design first; Venditti or Smith and Wesson, but incredibly both created a similar, almost near identical design without any knowledge of each other’s work. 

Venditti attempted to produce his pistol in the mid 1850’s, but was halted when he was imprisoned for murdering a man in a brawl.  When released in the 1870’s he attempted to perfect his design and again produce it.  However by then Volcanic style repeaters were proven impractical using technology that was obsolete.