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An Extremely Rare Charles II Pattern Crown, 1663, Sold For $649,000

The masterwork engraved by Thomas Simon with his Petition to King Charles II in two lines on the edge, laureate and draped bust right, signed Simon below, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding, CAROLVS II. DEI. GRA, rev. crowned cruciform emblematic shields, pairs of interlinked Cs in angles, St. George and dragon in buckled garter in center in garter with French motto HONI. SOIT. QVI. MAL. Y. PENSE, date either side of top crown, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding.MAG BRI.FR ET.HIB REX. Edge inscribed in small raised letters in two lines except for double sized italic word “Majesty” witness line at start with pair of crowned interlinked Cs over pair of palm branches, THOMAS SIMON. MOST. HVMBLY. PRAYS .YOVR. MAJESTY TO. COMPARE. THIS. HIS. TRYALL. PIECE. WITH. THE. DVTCH. AND. IF. MORE / TRVLY. DRAWN. & EMBOSS’D. MORE. GRACE: FVLLY. ORDER’D. AND. MORE. ACCURATELY. ENGRAVEN. TO. RELIEVE. HIM., raised rim above and below, all lettering, drapery and neck, frosted in a mezzotint style, weight 34.73g.

Only 16 of these coins are believed to be extant and this is one of the top 3 best preserved examples – A highly desirable and extremely rare piece celebrated as the finest in numismatic artistry.

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