The new French tanks in War Thunder are nice, but like maybe the Char B1 shouldn’t be fighting against Tier 1 tanks. I killed one today but just barely and I was bouncing shots of the rear armor. When there’s more than one of them they wipe the map and are practically unstoppable. That things is a dinosaur!


I just played a game where my team destroyed ever opposing player short of three of these fucking monsters. One of them I was able to flank and kill from the rear but not after pumping a dozen armor piercing 45mm rounds into it. They were surrounded and my team was pumping rounds into them from all directions and they were all bouncing. Then the Char’s killed us off one by one and took captured the objective zone. Seriously every time I play a game and these guys show up it turns into a re-enactment of Billotte’s Wild Ride and I end up on the losing end! Go home War Thunder you’re drunk!!!