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Mlle Vaincourt

She was often the subject of French photographers such as Reutlinger and Oricelly, and her postcards generally were issued by French publishers, bearing the name imprint of theaters in which she performed such as the Athénée and the Opéra. Her first name was Berthe, and the alternate spelling of her surname was Vincourt.
Performing on the French stage in the first years of the 20th century, Vaincourt’s beauty was often remarked upon. The 1901 play, Pour le Monde was a comedy in four acts, with luxurious staging filled with young women dressed in exquisite dresses. Vaincourt and a number of other women “triumphantly displayed the wonders of dressmakers and milliners.”

Btw, it is funny to see how the sender of this card thought her decolletage should be covered with handwriting. I will look upon the text later.