British Pattern 1887 Sword Bayonet The P-1885…

British Pattern 1887 Sword Bayonet

The P-1885 Long Lever Martini Infantry Rifle was initially issued with an 18" bladed Sword Bayonet with a fullered blade and leaf spring on the locking mechanism. This bayonet was later superseded by the simplified P-1887 MkIII bayonet with an unfullered blade and with a coil spring locking mechanism. However, we found a small quantity of the earlier issue MK I bayonets, offered here.

This is an original P-1887 Mk. 1 Bayonet with colonial issue brass fitted scabbard. Each sword bayonet and scabbard bears British maker markings and dates and is offered in very good condition.

Intended for the MkIV “Long-Lever” British Martini Henry, this will also fit British Martini Henry Mk I, II, and III Rifles fitted with sword bayonet lugs.