European Mask of Infamy, 18th Century Iron ma…

European Mask of Infamy, 18th Century

Iron mask. Provided with three, jointed bands at the back that act as opening. Provided with donkey ears at the sides. Front part with protective foils for nose and mouth and two open-works for the eyes.

From Wikipedia:

The mask of infamy was a torture device used as a form of humiliation. The mask itself caused no physical torture, but the wearer was often chained to a post where he or she was tortured by various members surrounding the scene. The mask would sometimes have a ball, or other type of inner device, to prevent the wailing or screaming of the wearer. The types of masks represented the crime. For example, if the person was considered dirty, he or she would wear the pig shaped mask. It would be locked onto the head for a time determined by the accuser.