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The Mauser M1917 Trench Carbine,

Produced during the last years of the World War I, the Mauser Trench Carbine was designed to be a light, compact carbine or personal defense weapon to be issued to artilleryman, stormtroopers, and rear echelon troops.  It was Mauser’s answer to the Artillery Luger, a Luger pistol with an elongated barrel and detachable buttstock.  The M1917 was a Mauser Broomhandle pistol also with an elongated barrel, as well as a pistol grip buttstock, and a wooden forearm.  The most important aspect of the M1917 was its 40 round magazine.  In contrast the Artillery Luger either used an eight round pistol magazine or a 32 round drum magazine.  This gave the M1917 an edge in light, compact firepower, a necessity in the close quarters of WWI trench warfare.

Very few were produced as German officials feared that production of the M1917 would inhibit production of other more common Mauser produced weapons such as rifles and pistols.  Most that were produced were issued to German stormtrooper units.  When the war ended, the M1917 and similar weapons were banned by the Versailles Treaty due to barrel lengths.  Most were destroyed, the model pictured above is only one of four known surviving pieces.  It is valued by James A. Julia auctions at $30,000 – $40,000.