barbucomedie: Officers Uniform and Sword of the Light Dragoons…


Officers Uniform and Sword of the Light Dragoons dated around the 1760′s on display at the National Army Museum in London

In 1755 eleven troops of Light Dragoons were added to regiments of Dragoon Guards and Dragoons. The success of the experiment of a regiment of Light Dragoons in March 1759. 

The helmet belonged to Captain George Ainslie of the 15th (or the King’s) Regiment of Light Dragoons. In 1760, during the Seven Years’ War, the regiment and Ainslie were part of the Anglo-Hanoverian force fighting the French in Germany (specifically Hesse). After the battle the regiment presented King George with 16 French colours captured by the regiment. They suffered heavily though wit 125 of the 185 allied casualties coming from their regiment.

The coat was worn by Colonel John Holroyde, 1st Earl of Sheffield of the 21st Light Dragoons (Royal Forresters). They were raised in April of 1760 and disbanded in 1763.

Photographs taken by myself