cuirassier: Battle of Elandslaagte, October 21, 1899, A….


Battle of Elandslaagte, October 21, 1899, A. Suthurland

The battle of the Second Boer war was one of the few clear British tactical victories in this conflict. However, the British abandoned the position as Sir George White feared a Boer attack on Ladysmith.

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In order that the different regiments may be readily distinguished the home uniforms have been retained ( our troops mostly fought in khaki)


Railway Station

2. General French and Staff

3. Armoured train

4. Artillery

5. Imperial Light horse

6. Gordon Highlanders

7. Manchesters

8. Devons

9. Cavalry in the distance

10. 5th Lancers and Dragoon Guards

11. Ambulance Bearers

12. Major Harry Wright wounded

13. Trumpeter Sherlock shooting three Boers

14. General Schiel

15. General Koch wounded

16. Reserves under cover of Ant-heaps