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(via MORTIMER064.jpg (900×598))

A fine pair of full sidelock .68 caliber (14 bore) double-barrel pistols made by Thomas Alfred Clark (T.A.C.) Mortimer in 1862. Cased in their original case with Trade Label and joined with all their accessaries, these fine condition officer’s/howdah pistols have all their original parts, function flawlessly, and maintain 85% of their original finish. The locks are marked “Mortimer & Son” and the pistols are fitted with their original belt slides. The pistols are numbered #6293 and #6294 consecutively and appear in the surviving Mortimer and Son ledger book as being made approximately 1860-1862 for Robert Kirkwood. Sgt.-Major Kirkwood was a member of the 3rd Waikato Militia and also of the Cambridge, New Zealand, Volunteer Cavalry. He was an early settler of New Zealand and fought in the bloody Land Wars of 1860-1866 against the fierce Maori Tribesmen. His complete biography (with photos) is in the Cambridge Museum and a street in downtown Cambridge still has his name. For auction here is a finely crafted big-bore set of double-barrel pistols by one of London’s top makers. Pistols that were used by one of England’s bravest Cavalry Officers to tame a wild tribe of cannibals and open New Zealand for British settlement. A great set of pistols with an identified violent and colorful history. The owner, here, wishes to express his gratitude to H. Lee Munson, author of “The Mortimer Gunmakers”, without whose help this historical connection would not have been made. His book is awesome and the man so much more!

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