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The Mexican Model 1902 and 1910 Mauser Rifle,

During the Mexican Civil War, the German invented Mauser rifle was the primary arm of the Mexican Federal Army. They were also commonly used by revolutionaries who could get their hands on them. A bolt action rifle, they were simple to use, easy to maintain, rugged, sturdy, and accurate.  The most common rifle used was the Model 1902, made by Deutches Waffen und Machinenfabriken, the Model 1902 used the action and basic form of the venerable Gew 98.  However the Mexican 1902 was modified with a straight wrist stock, a bayonet attachment which accepted older Model 1895 bayonets, a different type of rear sight, different barrel bands, and Mexican markings.  Also note that the Model 1902 lacks the “hole” typical of German Mausers, which was used to help disassemble the bolt.  Most importantly, the Model 1902 was chambered for 7X97mm, a smaller caliber cartridge that had a very high velocity.  The 7X97mm was very common among Latin American nations whereas most German and European Mausers are chambered for 8X57.  A similar rifle, called the Model 1907, was also imported from Austria.

As political and social tensions heated up in Mexico, the government found that it needed more rifles than what foreign industry was providing.  In 1910 the Mexican government began production of a domestic copy of the Model 1902, called the Model 1910 and produced by the Mexican National Armory (Fabrica Nacional De Armas Mexico).  Around 40,000 Model 1910’s were produced as well as a number of carbine variants.