peashooter85: Che Guevara’s Shotgun Mortar During revolutions…


Che Guevara’s Shotgun Mortar

During revolutions and insurgent movements shotguns are often people weapons of guerrilla fighters.  They are cheap, easy to use, and plentiful. During the Cuban Revolution, the Communist revolutionary Che Guevara loved the shotgun, mentioning it often his his book Guerrilla Warfare. One weapon popular during the Cuban Revolution was an improvised mortar called the M-16.  Not to be confused with the American assault rifle called the M-16, it was so named because it used either a double barrel or single barrel 16 gauge shotgun, which were very popular among Cuban sport shooters and hunters. A bipod was typically mounted on the shotgun to aid in aiming. The M-16 was fired a molotov cocktail for a warhead, usually attached to a rod or broomstick which was inserted into the muzzle and fit the barrel snugly. It was then fired using a blank shotgun shell, often a regular shotgun shell with the shot removed.

Apparently the M-16 could fire a molotov cocktail accurately at a 100 yards. They were often used effectively against lightly armored vehicles such as buses and trucks, which the Batista government commonly used to move government troops.