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Description ( Item Id: 71045 )

It is mounted with a blade that measures 32 ¾ inches in length which does have some old pitting scars near the tip, however, remains overall in nice condition with most of the engraving still present and is well marked by the maker E.THURKLE on the ricasso. The beautiful brass guard is wonderfully detailed with an open leafy motif which is crowned with a checkered pommel and frames a fish skin covered hilt that still wears the original copper wire wrap. The metal scabbard has survived very nicely with only a few very small minor dings. Overall measuring 39 ½ inches in length.

This the the British Pattern 1857 Royal Engineers Officer’s Sword, and it is the type I imagine General Gordon would have used as a fighting sword. See my previous post, here. In my opinion, this is probably the best regulation pattern sword aside from the Pattern 1821 Heavy Cavalry Officer’s Sword. Both patterns offer the best hand protection when compared to other British officers’ swords. The advantage might go to the P1821 HC officer’s sword since it had a steel hilt, although the brass hilts on the P1857 RE officer’s sword is generally quite thick. Either way, the P1857 is an attractive and effective fighting sword.

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