Whats the greatest (In terms of reliability, Capacity,use, etc.) Of WW1

The .30-06 conversion of the French Chauchat.  Just kidding, IDK, it depends on a lot of factors and there were a lot of firearms to choose, each with strengths and weaknesses, and different roles.

Japanese Type 96 light machine gun, World War II.

from Rock Island Auctions

A Medieval Lasagna Recipe

from Historical Italian Cooking


A Basket-hilted Backsword with a beautiful blackened, silvered, and gilt guard,

  • OaL: 38.75 in/98.4 cm
  • Blade Length: 32.6 in/82.9 cm
  • Width: 5.5 in/14 cm
  • Weight: 3 lbs/1361 g

Britain, ca. 1720-1740, housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Japanese matchlock carbine, late Edo or early Meiji Period.

from Hermann Historica


Alexander the Great on horseback
Period: Late Hellenistic,1st c.BC.
Medium: Bronze with silver inlays.
Location: Napoli Museum.
Photo via desiaddrus.



~ Cylinder vase.

Culture: Maya

Period: Late Classic Period.

Date: A.D. 650–800

Place of origin: Southeastern Guatemala or southern Belize

Medium: Earthenware wtih red, orange and black on cream slip paint.

• From the source: Two renderings of the so-called jaguar god of the Underworld (the underworld sun), one on each side of the vase, depict him seated on a throne of crossed femurs and disembodied eyes surrounded by the black waters of the Underworld. He holds a large sacrificial knife in his left hand, and blood splatters are found on his I-shaped pectoral and perhaps on his loincloth. The red background of the vase and the crossed femurs and eyeballs further invoke the theme of sacrifice. The two renderings of this supernatural are separated by a vertical stack of skeletal saurian heads that likely portray the witz/sacred mountain whose interior cave is the entrance to the Underworld realm. The two hieroglyphic texts may be pseudo-glyphs although the lower band contains some readable signs.


Unidentified African American Civil War Veteran in Grand Army of the
Republic Uniform

With two children, possibly his grandchildren  Goodman and Springer, Mt.
Pleasant, Pa.

Liljenquist Family collection (Library of Congress)

US Johnson Model 1941 light machine gun, World War II.

from Rock Island Auctions

Ivory, pearl, bone, and malachite mounted miquelet tufenk, Turkish, 18th century.

from Hermann Historica