So. Rented a car, somehow got through the city, drove a long…

So. Rented a car, somehow got through the city, drove a long time. Evening with an old wine in a tiny village. The fact that we got here – but here we are. Okay!
#stonehouseartifacts #2002vintgage #wherearewe #portugal #drivingineurope #miraculous (at Baleal, Leiria, Portugal)

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A few Mummified Bat pieces you’ll find at @arcane_sanctum I’m…

A few Mummified Bat pieces you’ll find at @arcane_sanctum
I’m here till 7p today so come and bring all your
$$$… and Chips and Queso too!
#MummifiedBat #VampireBat #FruitBat #Oddities #Curiosities #Vintage #Antiques #MacabreAdornments #SpookyHomeDecor #VampireDecor #ArcaneSanctumATX #TheGlassCoffin #SupportLocal #Austin #ATX (at Arcane Sanctum)

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Just brought these 2 pieces into the shop and they already sold….

Just brought these 2 pieces into the shop and they already sold. 🕯⚰️ 🤘🏼
#CoffinSconces #CandleHolders #Oddities #Curiosities #Vintage #Antiques #SlayneAndFog #MacabreAdornments #SpookyHomeDecor #TheGlassCoffin (at The Glass Coffin: Antiques & Oddities)

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You’re one of the more educated people I follow and one of my favorites. Can’t have a pseudo education blog be a Flat Earther.

I actually am going to join the Flat Earth Society though so I can hang their certificate on my wall as a joke. Now that I work a full time job with awesome pay and inhumane amounts of overtime I can afford to blow money on such things.

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Toma axe, Sierra Leone, 19th century.from Czerny’s International…

Toma axe, Sierra Leone, 19th century.

from Czerny’s International Auction House

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In my astronomy class, our professor used the phrase “flatearther and geocentric snob” which is an insult that should definitely be used more often.

Your professor is a shill paid by the fluffy kitty Iluminati lizards.

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I’m glad you’re not actually a Flat Earther… Got me scared.

Scared of what????

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British Pattern 1796 Infantry Officer’s Sword for an Officer of…

British Pattern 1796 Infantry Officer’s Sword for an Officer of the Royal Navy

A Naval Officer’s Sword Of Captain George Christopher Pulling, dated 1803. With tapering fullered blade (some wear and rust patination) double-edged towards the point and etched over each side of the forte with a martial trophy, crowned ‘GR III’ cypher and scrollwork, regulation gilt-brass hilt with double shell-guard, the inner one folding against a spring (incomplete), rear quillon and faceted knuckle guard cast and chased with foliage, urn-shaped pommel, and reeded ivory grip with medial gilt-brass band engraved with a crowned fouled anchor on an oval, in original black leather scabbard with linear engraved gilt-brass mounts including locket with frog-button on one side and engraved ‘Cap.t Pulling, R.N. 1803’, and with two rings for suspension. 83 cm blade.

George Christopher Pulling was born in 1766 and joined the Navy in 1780. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1790 and in 1792, whilst serving in Newfoundland, he investigated the poor relationships between the settlers and the native Beothuk Indians. He recorded violent acts against the Indians and fostered better relations between them and the settlers.

In 1798 he attained the rank of Commander and in 1801 while in command of the Brig Kangaroo (18), in the company of the Sparrow (14) commanded by the intrepid Lord Cochrane, attacked a Spanish convoy sheltering in Old Castille. They destroyed a shore battery, sunk or drove off seven gun boats and carried off three brigs laden with rice, wine and bread.

He was promoted to Captain in 1802 and died in 1819. There is a monument to him in St. Arvans Church, Monmouthshire.

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Spanish cavalry charge during the Second Melillan Campaign, 20…

Spanish cavalry charge during the Second Melillan Campaign, 20 September 1909

The most memorable action of the Spanish cavalry equipped with 1895 cavalry swords is best remembered for the three charges that the 4th Squadron of 21st Regiment of Cazadores, called “Of Alfonso XII”, had made on September 20th 1909 in Taxdirt, place in the Rif, near Melilla, after the Spanish defeat of the Barranco del Lobo, during the war with Morocco.

That day, an infantry brigade which did not participate in the main action was harassed by 1500 “Moors” of the Kabyle of Beni Sychar. One of the battalions of the brigade, namely “Catalonia”, began to retreat under heavy harassment from the Rif, putting him in a difficult situation.

General Tovar commanding the force, chose to send, to help the Spanish battalion, the only force available: a Squadron Cavalry from the Regiment “Alfonso XII”. In front of the 80 riders, stood, the assistant of General Tovar, Lt. Col. José Cavalcanti, who sent three consecutive charges against the 1500 tribesmen, neglecting the numerical difference.

The action of the Spanish cavalry, completely unexpected by the enemy, was a complete success because it allowed the withdrawal of the infantry and forced to yield the Rif entire line.

The third charge involved only 20 riders, because the rest of the unit had fallen, dismantled or pursuing the enemy. Casualties of the “Alfonso XII” squad were 25 men and for the courage shown in battle, both Cavalcanti as the banner of the Regiment received the Laureate Cross of San Fernando, the Spanish highest military decoration.

Photos of the Spanish M1895 Cavalry Sword from (Item ID: 122145).

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what is the flat earth society? Do you believe the world/earth is flat ?

The Flat Earth Society is a real organization dedicated to proving that the Earth is flat.

No, I don’t actually believe in the flat earth, but I like to troll people into believing that I believe in the flat earth.

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